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iTrack provides enterprise class GPS tracking solutions, which can scale up to thousands of devices and support millions of transactions.

Some of the features of the Enterprise solution include:

  • GPS Tracking and live alert support for single and fleet deployment.
  • System Administration for user accounts and tracking devices.
  • Multiple communication support via GSM, CDMA, 3G & Satellite.
  • Accurate tracking via GPS and/or Mobile Location Based Services.
  • Inbuilt support for FREE Map & optional Custom Map Sources.
  • Automated alerts and delivery systems via email, SMS request.
  • Geofencing / safe zone support for in/out breaches.
  • Comprehensive Journey, Speed, Alert and Status Reports.
  • Route Management via online software or device hardware.
  • Customised alerts and status for multiple device types.
  • User configurable and system Points of Interests (POI).
  • Secure Multiple Fleet & Single User Accounts.
  • Optional Fleet Job Dispatch and Messaging Modules.
  • Available as Managed Service for Australian Customers.
  • Customised solutions available for unique applications.

Contact us for further details on the ease at which an iTrack solution can be deployed to your business.