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iTrack Personal (MIC) GPS Tracking devices have been tested and proven in commercial deployments for use in real world applications.  Portable tracking of assets or in time limited applications have been successful with MIC GPS Tracking devices.  Users concerned over family members or have simple GPS tracking requirements without complex installation will also find these devices suitable for their needs.


MIC338 Personal GPS/GSM Tracker

The MIC338 Personal Duress/SOS GPS Tracking device has inbuilt GPS module to obtain accurate location information and utilises its GSM capability to send location information to a user's mobile phone or to the iTrack123 Service to allow users to monitor assets or people using the device. [more]

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MIC303 Covert GPS/GSM Tracker

The MIC303 Covert GSM GPS Tracker offers a configurable continuous reporting rate setting and one of the world's smallest profiles for a portable GPS tracker, the MIC303 is an excellent tracker for covert tracking operations, with easy installation in mobile assets, and voice surveillance in the monitored area with silent call pickup. [more]

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