MIC303 Covert GPS/GSM Tracker Print

The MIC303 Covert GSM GPS Tracker offers a configurable continuous reporting rate setting and one of the world's smallest profiles for a portable GPS tracker, the MIC303 is an excellent tracker for covert tracking operations, with easy installation in mobile assets, and voice surveillance in the monitored area with silent call pickup.

It has an inbuilt SOS panic button when deployed for personal tracking and has a self-park button to report an alert if the device is moved from its position, as part of its asset protection mechanism.

Optional accessories include a silicone sleeve and a super strong magnetic mount to allow for water resistance and easy mounting against metallic surfaces which will cater for vibrations typical of normal vehicle driving conditions.

This is a part of our legacy range of products and limited parts are available for this product.

MIC303 Covert GPS/GSM TRACKER - Optional Accessories & Services:

  • Silicone Sleeve ( +$19.95 )